I have been nothing short of impressed with the mediation skills that Bill Flinn brings to the table. He has managed to settle more than one case of mine that I thought had little to no settlement potential given the respective positions of the parties. He brings the knowledge, skill, and grace that only years and years of litigation experience can provide. Above all else, he is fair to all concerned, and has the patience, dedication and perseverance to see the mediation process through, even offering to continue to aid negotiations after the formal mediation session has ended. Moreover, he works hard on every case he is involved in, both big and small. I have used many mediators over the years, and can honestly say that I have had no greater success than mediating with Mr. Flinn. I highly recommend his services to any attorney who is serious about resolving their dispute outside of trial.

Plaintiffs' Attorney (Bend)

Bill brings an ability to communicate and relate to a wide range of diverse individuals which is so important to getting to "yes" in the mediation process. He is evenhanded and experienced. When I have a dangerous case I want to settle, his is my first choice.

Claim Representative (Eugene)

Bill Flinn has mediated two difficult personal injury cases I was defending over the past two years. In each case I was not certain a settlement was attainable, but Bill settled them both. His defense experience gives him credibility with insurance adjusters, his trial experience gives him credibility with plaintiffs, and his gentle but persuasive manner and quiet patience make him a very effective mediator for just about any situation. I highly recommend him and will use him again in the future.

Defense Attorney (Portland)

I found Mr. Flinn's vast legal experience and demeanor invaluable in resolving my cases.

Plaintiffs' Attorney (Bend)

Your services and expertise were excellent. I am still telling people that I don't know how you did it, but you were able to persuade the plaintiff to move down from an extremely unreasonable number to a number that we could accept, and all within a somewhat short period of time. I was very impressed.

Claim Representative (Seattle)

I've used Bill Flinn for a number of mediations. He takes the time to understand the issues and he works hard to find common ground. Each of my clients who have been involved in his mediations has expressed, unsolicited, their belief that Bill is a good mediator.

Defense Attorney (Bend)